MAK Holdings (Lebanon) S.A.L. is a private family holding company domiciled in Beirut, Lebanon. MAK represents the ultimate executive authority for the El-Khalil family’s existing investments in several countries in Sub Saharan Africa, in the U.K., in Qatar, and certainly in Lebanon.

MAK’s discriminating competence is its knowledge of operating investments in developing markets. Whilst MAK’s Mission remains focussed on achieving superior returns for its shareholders, MAK is unwavering on it commitment to add tremendous economic value to the markets it serves by contributing direct taxes to its sovereign hosts and creating direct employment for thousands of people in those markets. MAK employs about 7000 people around the world mainly in Africa. However, MAK’s beverages operation provides hundreds of thousands of opportunities for small businesses and individuals to trade with its products.

MAK’s core values are built around trust, honesty and integrity which in turn transform into best practices that are committed to from the highest level of the organization all the way to its most junior levels. The commitment to such values steer MAK’s operations in each of its markets to lead in social responsibility programs that address endemic health issues that are affecting most nationals of the developed markets it serves.

Furthermore, investing in awareness for respecting and protecting nature and the environment including the efficient use of natural resources by all MAK operations is indeed a key deliverable for each of MAK’s strategic business units.

MAK Holdings provides strategic overview, funding, and top executive human resource allocation for its member companies. It pushes innovative drive and nurtures an entrepreneurial spirit all across. By the same token MAK provides oversight and careful risk management by investing in internal audit and technology.

MAK today represents a history of three generations of entrepreneurship, venture capital, and executional excellence in some of the most difficult environments.